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  • Begin with a project

    Define the goals and key components of your project. For example, your goal might be to clean your business listing database so that you have accurate information for consumers. The sub-components of your project might be to categorize the businesses by listing type (i.e., restaurant or service) and verify that the related address and phone number are current.
  • Break it into tasks and design your HIT

    Break the project into individual tasks so that many Workers can work in parallel to get your project done faster. For example, if you have 1,000 listings to verify, each listing would be an individual task.

    Next, design your Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) by writing crisp and clear instructions, identifying the specific outputs and inputs desired and how much you will pay to have work completed.
  • Publish HITs to the marketplace

    You can load millions of HITs into the marketplace. Each HIT can have multiple assignments so that different Workers can provide answers to the same set of questions and you can compare the results to form an agreed-upon answer.
  • Workers accept assignments

    If Workers need special skills to complete your tasks, you can require that they pass a Qualification test before they are allowed to work on your HITs. You can also require other Qualifications such as the location of a Worker or that they have completed a minimum number of HITs.
  • Workers submit assignments for review

    When a Worker completes your HIT, he or she submits an assignment for you to review.

  • Approve or reject assignments

    When your work items have been completed, you can review the results and approve or reject them. You pay only for approved work.
  • Complete your project

    Congratulations! Your project has been completed and your Workers have been paid.

Note: To publish HITs to Mechanical Turk, you first need to fund your Requester account through Amazon Payments.