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"Today, we can quickly test and collect feedback on concepts, designs and algorithms at a scale that was previously unavailable." —Statera

Business Feedback

Want user validation that you've improved search results relevancy in your latest code changes? Have a new product that needs to be tested? Want feedback on a new product concept or which logo best represents your company's goals? Mechanical Turk can get you the answers you need.

Search Relevancy

Your customers' experience is only as good as your search results. Mechanical Turk can help optimize search results so your customers find what they are looking for.

  • Give an opinion on the intent of a search phrase.
  • Tell you the most relevant search results for a given phrase.
  • Rate the accuracy of results for a search engine.

Product Testing

Getting feedback on a new product or workflow can speed your development and marketing processes—and give you valuable insight into your product.

    Example Tasks:
  • Give usability feedback on a product experience.
  • Identify workflow improvements.
  • Provide feedback on marketing copy.


Conducting broad research can be expensive and time-consuming but with Mechanical Turk you can distribute your research tasks to thousands of Workers to finish your work quickly and efficiently.

    Example Tasks:
  • Research music preferences of Workers in different countries.
  • Conduct a survey on purchase habits and best practices.