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Mechanical Turk gives your business access to a scalable, on-demand workforce. Mechanical Turk lets you get results faster by having multiple Workers complete individual Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) in parallel. The global Worker community on Mechanical Turk lets you get work done at a lower cost than was previously possible.

Service Highlights

On-Demand, Scalable Workforce

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides access to a global marketplace of Workers whenever your business needs them. You can dynamically scale your workforce as your business demands.

  • Access more than 500,000 Workers from 190 countries
  • Connect with Workers who have a variety of skill sets and capabilities
  • Scale up and down in minutes
Fast Turnaround

You can have multiple Workers complete your HITs simultaneously, so your project is done faster. Integrating Mechanical Turk's web service interface into your business processes via our API allows you to immediately use results as they are submitted.

Accurate Results

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides several mechanisms to help you receive accurate results. You can send your HITs exclusively to Mechanical Turk Masters. Masters are Workers who have demonstrated accuracy in specific types of HITs across the Mechanical Turk marketplace. You can also use one of the System Qualifications provided by Mechanical Turk, such as location or approval rating. Or you can create your own custom Qualification. In all cases, you determine the acceptance criterion and pay only for HITs that you approve. If the result is not acceptable, simply reject the HIT and pay nothing.

Lower Cost Structure

Eliminate the overhead and fixed costs associated with hiring and managing a temporary workforce or managing a contracted outsourcer can often be significant. Mechanical Turk turns fixed staffing costs into variable costs. By leveraging the skills of Mechanical Turk Workers from around the world, you can significantly lower costs while increasing your ability to handle changing business needs.

Enabling New Businesses

The scale, flexibility, and cost advantages of Mechanical Turk allow developers to create new applications and business models that were previously practically impossible. Whether it's search results enhanced with human input, automated content moderation, or distributed media transcription, companies are relying on human judgment and Mechanical Turk to power a whole new class of applications.